Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lindt Excellence Bars Feature

This is our final Lindt feature unless our good friends there send us more samples for either Halloween or the Winter Holidays.  This time I want to look at the last of the chocolate bars we got that you can use in baking or cooking or simply eat as a treat on their own.  I shared these five bars with six others and I'll give my own and the collective opinions about each; mind will be full sensory as you expect and the collection view will be more general.  We tried these in order of increasing cocoa content based on what the box said.  All Lindt bars are it has the brand name and six slashes along the lower right hand corner of each square; 4 squares or pieces equals one serving and these were all very easy to separate so you can share fairly or control portions easily.

"Toffee Crunch" is the only milk chocolate bar of this group.  It is made with almonds so if you have a tree nut allergy you'll want to stay away from this.  It is a light brown in color and has a creamy cocoa scent to it.  It is cool in my fingertips and starts to melt after a few seconds.  A bite crunches and demonstrates that the toffee is pieces mixed into the chocolate, the kind of tangy toffee that sticks to my teeth as I chew it. The toffee does not overwhelm the milk chocolate and this is good because so many toffees we have tried here on The Chocolate Cult use chocolate with or on toffee but they are imbalanced so that either the buttery tang of toffee is hidden or the cocoa is shortchanged.  All of my testers liked this one a lot especially the milk chocolate lovers in the group.

"Chili" has the same cocoa percentage as the next bar but I went with spicy before salty just because I thought this order worked best with the fourth bar we'll look at.  The color here is much darker and matches the next two bars we'll look at as well.  There is a hint of chili when I take a whiff but also the darker cocoa.  For some reason this does not melt as quickly in my fingers as the previous bar did.  A bite makes a soft snap but then the chocolate is very smooth and surprisingly creamy.  The light spicy heat build up with each bite but never matches most of the other spicy chocolates we've tried in the past in terms of intensity so this might be a good introductory chili chocolate but won't satisfy the heat lovers out there.  This was the one sample that received universal good and bad reviews at the same time -- great as an introduction to spicy chocolates but really not spicy if you've had such treats before.

"A Touch of Sea Salt" is part of the salted chocolate and caramel craze that began a few years back even though we in the USA are also constantly told we need to cut back on the amount of salt in our diet.  These have an odd little sweet essence to the dark chocolate scent and also the same surprisingly sweet flavor. The salt is there from the beginning of the first bite but it doesn't build up or overwhelm the smooth 47% dark chocolate these are made of.  It is so easy to over do it with salt and this bar has found a good balance between chocolate and salt.  Everyone who tested this liked it a lot, the balance between chocolate and salt was good for all who tried it out.

"Black Currant" should be a nice counter to the chili and salt but it has 2% darker chocolate.  This has almond slivers in it, I'm not sure why, but if you have a tree nut allergy steer clear of this one.  The slivers of almonds are visible as I hope you can see in the photo but the current is also visible though my camera is not nearly the quality required to show you that.  Once the pieces are broken off the only scent is the black currant, nothing else.  Even though this is 49% cocoa mass the main flavor is the sweet, slightly tart black current and then the almonds before the chocolate itself.  The black currant essence lingers the longest as well suggesting to me that in terms of chocolate a darker level might be needed to compete well with the fruit.  The slivers of nuts and the fruit though do add two extra textures to the otherwise very smooth chocolate.  The other testers agreed that the chocolate just didn't stand up very well and only one of them really liked this bar so much that he ate several pieces.

Of course the darkest is the "70% Cocoa" bar that may be pushing some people's comfort level in terms of intensity but I happen to love chocolate in the 65-75% range myself.  I've used the other bars of this type we were sent in recipes in the past so today this is purely about what it is on it's own.  It has a very smooth flavor with just a hint of bitterness yet is rather scentless.  It makes relatively loud snaps for the first 4-5 bites and melts rather slower than I expected in my hands and my mouth.  I think I like this better in recipes frankly.  My fellow testers thought it was basic in terms of dark chocolate but very mellow as well.

There we have it -- five Lindt Excellence Bars.  You can get these bars in many stores or through the Lindt RSVP program and we received these from two different RSVP presenters though they do not seem to be selling or doing shows any more.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet "The Confectionaries" Creator

Today, Sisters and Brothers, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Darren Mueller one of the co-creators of "The Confectionaries" a comic series that follows the adventures of a group of creatures created from baked goods and candies.  My husband met Mueller at a convention and brought home copies of this series and after reading them I was lucky enough to get an email interview.  Below are our questions with Mueller's answers in italics.  All images are the property of Mueller and should not be copied for your own use.  Please if you have any questions leave a comment and perhaps he will reply!

How long have you been working in the comic or graphic novel genre?

About 6 years or so ago, my friend Jackie asked me if I’d like to make a comic book with her. I thought, sure that would be fun. Several years down the road and not only are we still making comics, we have others making books for us as well.

Where can people find your comics?

Our books are available in some comic shops across the country, especially in the Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana areas. However, the easiest ways to get our comics are either to come see us at a convention, or to simply go to our website.

What is your training in the field?

Formally, neither Jackie or I have any formal training that would be specific to comic books. There are plenty of people who teach panels on comic creation but very few official courses. Jackie’s background was in animation, which tends to help for giving the characters a very animated look. As for my writing, it’s simply something I’ve enjoyed all my life. I mentioned there was no formal training when we started, but that is beginning to change. Our company for example actually has interns from a couple of different colleges who study with us.

Where did you get the idea for "The Confectionaries"?

The initial idea started as a joke about a talking marshmallow, which quickly grew into a few other ideas. We have a tendency to take an idea and quickly expand it out into something larger. From the marshmallow idea came several other characters which quickly followed with “how did they get here” and a story started to build up around it.

Currently you have three issues out I believe -- Issue 0 a back story, Issue 1 of the series, and a Holiday special issue.  Do you know how many issues will eventually be done in this world?

Aside from the off shoot stories like the holiday issue, the main storyline of The Confectionaries is three major story arcs. Each of those arcs is planned to be 5 or so issues. Meaning the main storyline is going to be 15 issues, or 3 graphic novels worth of content. Of course, if we choose to continue the story on from that point we could, but that’s the logical stopping point for the time being. The entire series is already planned out.

Here on The Chocolate Cult we are most interested in chocolate and you have three characters ( Rhys, Mint-Choc, and Swirl) made from chocolate.  What can you tell our readers about them?

Rhys is a peanut butter and chocolate wolf, he’s one of the oldest of The Confectionaries and serves as something of a guardian or father figure to the  younger ones.  He used to be very upbeat and enthusiastic (as in the Holiday issue) but he’s changed over time and become a lot more stern. He has a no-nonsense sort of attitude and a huge sword that’s nearly as scary as he is.

Mint-Choc is a unicorn, she’s made of chocolate mint. While most of The Confectionaries tend to be humanoid animals, Mint-Choc is one of the few exceptions. Mint-Choc is free spirited, energetic and kind. She enjoys being outside the castle more than most of The Confectionaries do. She tends to enjoy solitude but is still quite friendly and social with others.

Swirl is a white and dark chocolate swirled mouse. She’s one of the younger Confectionaries and is almost always in the company of her friends Scotch and Yuck. She is a very cautious character, wanting to play by the rules but at the same time wanting to take care of and protect her friends. Swirl quickly becomes friends with Sara, as the two find they have much in common.

Scotch is not a chocolate character, but I thought I’d mention he is the one who shows up on the chocolate bar we had a candy company produce for us.

My husband bought one of these candy bars for me but it melted then re-solidified so I didn't think the shape it was in was appropriate for a regular old review on the site.

Do you think you'll add any more chocolate creations to the cast of characters?

There are actually a number of Confectionaries who have not yet shown up. I don’t want to give away too much just yet, but I think you’d be pleasantly surprised. Also, if we’re getting technical Neo, the Ice Cream character is also partially chocolate. He’s a waffle-cone skeleton with melty ice cream covering him. His rib cage is filled with liquid chocolate and a maraschino cherry for a heart...still a kids book, honest! 

More chocolate characters!  Excellent to hear.  Thank you for pointing this out to us.

Do you have experience in the kitchen making candy or baking?  If so, does that add to your ideas about the characters and their strengths or weaknesses?

My grandfather is actually a master chef, so I grew up with just about every kind of amazing dessert you can imagine (petifores still being my favorite.) Of all the kinds of cooking, I think I enjoy desserts and sweets the most, aside from the fact they’re delicious they just tend to look so much nicer. When we were designing the characters, the type of candy they were, and the type of animal was very integral to their personalities.  Yuck, for example being tofu thinks that nobody likes him. Swirls markings come from the fact she was an “early” attempt by the older generation to cook up more Confectionaries. Her swirl pattern could be said to be “insufficient mixing” but to most eyes it’s what makes her unique and stands out. The caramel fox (who I have already said too much about) is a very slow, mellow sort of character. I would say we always try to pair the right candy to the right character, or try and figure out what sort of personality a certain candy might have.

Thank you so much for your time!

Thank you for yours, it’s always fun getting to meet other candy enthusiasts.

Sisters and Brothers, if you have any questions please leave them in a comment below.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Semifreddi's Biscotti Recall 9/22/13

Today, Sisters and Brothers, I have one recalled product with chocolate to inform you about.  This recall is only for the USA and if you link the title link you can go to the actual FDA notice for more information.

Consumers Contact:
Tom Frainier
(510) 596-9930 (Chocolate Priestess Note: Shouldn't this be an 800 number?)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Alameda, CA - September 16, 2013 - Semifreddi's Inc. of Alameda, CA is recalling all packaged Almond Biscotti and Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti because the food allergens milk and soy were not declared on the product labels. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk or soy run the risk of serious allergic reaction, including anaphylaxis, if they consume the products.

Semifreddi's Inc. immediately segregated its entire Almond Biscotti and Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti inventory and is notifying consumers and customers who have milk and soy allergies or sensitivity not to consume its Almond Biscotti and Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with these products. For consumers that are not allergic to milk or soy, there is no safety issue with these products.

The following sizes and packaging are affected by this recall:

Almond Biscotti

.5 oz. unit size, case of 100 units
UPC code 758843915936

1.0 oz. unit size, box of 4 units
UPC code 758843915738

1.0 oz. unit size, box of 12 units  UPC code 758843915950
1.0 oz. unit size, case of 50 units  UPC code 758843915752

Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti

.65 oz. unit size, case of 100 units UPC code 758843915943

.89 oz. unit size, tub of 22 units
UPC code 758843916001

1.3 oz. unit size, box of 4 units  UPC code 758843915745
1.3 oz. unit size, box of 12 units  UPC code 758843915967
1.3 oz. unit size, case of 50 units  UPC code 758843915905

Any of these products with an "Enjoy By" date of 09/16/14 or later are properly labeled and not included in this recall.

Semifreddi's Inc. wants to ensure its products are safe. Consequently, in addition to its ongoing cooperation with the California Department of Public Health, Semifreddi's Inc. is voluntarily recalling all Almond Biscotti and Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti from all of its customers. Consumers in possession of Almond Biscotti and Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti should not eat this product and should return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Semifreddi's Inc. will be sending recall notices to all of its direct customers. Please call Tom Frainier at 510-596-9930 for further information.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Uncle Sam's Huge Chocolate Truffles

Your Chocolate Priestess's birthday was just a few days ago and, of course,
there was chocolate.  Not these truffles we'll look at today from Uncle Sam's Chocolate Factory, we tested these months  and months ago but the company requested that we reveal them to you in October.  Since we hope to have a lot of competitors for our Annual Halloween Treat Challenge this was the best we could do in terms of their date request for this Saturday Sacrament.  They sent us four flavors (left to right in the photo): XXX-tra Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Dark Chocolate.  So sit back, Sisters and Brothers, and join us in the delight of four very large truffles.

We are not reviewing these in their order in the box, we're going to build up in terms of cacao content because even when we cleanse the palate darker chocolate can color later flavors.  So that means we start with the Milk Chocolate.  The base is about 1.25 inches across and about 1.25 inches thick.  It has a very sweet light cocoa fragrance when I take a whiff of it by bringing it close to my face.  The shell is cool to my fingers but instead of taking a bite (my mouth isn't that large, Sisters and Brothers) I cut into so you can see the inside here in this photo; the shell makes a snap when I cut into it but no real noise when I bite into it a few moments later.  The inside has a stronger scent, very fudgy in nature. When I take a bite the texture matches the flavor, it is very thick and fudgy, chewy even, with bursts of sweet and cocoa.  If you love fudge I think this is basically fudge in truffle form, very good.

Next up is Hazelnut which is basically the same size though it looks more round
to my eye.  The shell is dark and the top has small pieces of hazelnut on it.  It has a hazelnut scent with a light darker cocoa essence underneath it.  Also cool to my fingertips I can't imagine how to really bite into it so I try to cut it only to discover that it is much harder than the previous truffle so I can only get about a quarter of it separated from the whole.  Surprisingly the scent inside is very subtle with a hint of hazelnut.  When I take a bite the initial flavor is dark and light chocolate then the hazelnut builds up with each chew.  A great darker chocolate truffle if you like hazelnut and it will take you several bites to finish so don't plan on eating a lot of these at once.

The first of the darker chocolates is the 47% Dark Chocolate and it is 0.25 inches thicker than the previous two truffles but the same base width.  It has a sweet but dark chocolate fragrance and feels heavier than the previous two truffles.  It cuts opens with a snap but still fairly evenly.  Inside is a sticky and fudgy scented center that reminds me of the first truffle we looked at today. The shell by itself has a nice cocoa essence but definitely a candy flavor as well.  Coupled with the center which is very fudgy it is certainly more chocolatey than the Milk Chocolate truffle was. In fact at the end of the second bite I'm starting to feel our dear friend the cocoa buzz and with the final and third bite of one of half of this truffle I am definitely feel a buzz.  I share the other halves of all of these with an Acolyte to get a second opinion and practice purposefulness and portion control.

Finally the 72% Dark Chocolate called "XXX-tra Chocolate."  I must confess this one is what I've been waiting to test but you all know that the darker often the better as far as I'm concerned, Sisters and Brothers.  This is the same size as the first two of this quartet of truffles.  The scent is darker than the previous but why shouldn't it be since it has a much higher cacao content?  The tiny flecks of what might be milk chocolate on top of the otherwise smooth surface really stand out to the eye so I hope you could see them in the photos.  The shell is melt in my mouth intensity and the center is more cocoa than fudgy.  The shell also makes a crunch with every bite and the center ir slightly bitter not fudgy like I expected.  The cocoa rush begins within moment of the first bite.  I really liked the intensity of this truffle and highly recommend it for all darker chocolate lovers.

These are very lovely chocolate truffles from Uncle Sam's Chocolate Factory.  Much like their other products the brand and the decorations may make you think of less impressive candy but this is just as good if not better than Lindt or Godiva especially if you love fudge. For a private small chocolatier the quality is excellent and earns a Sacrament status.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chocolate Rice Crispies Treats

Today is "National Rice Krispies Day" where we celebrate the marshmallow and crispy rice treat that I'm sure most of our American readers have had.  I wanted to do something different and to use up some leftover Marou chocolate bars I had on hand during the too-hot-to-bake summer.  I've been working to lose weight and so I wanted to do something that chocolate but in some way lower calories so I cut out the marshmallows entirely and made what are sort of homemade crispy rice candy bars.  I made two versions and I want you, Sisters and Brothers, to tell me which sounds better to you and if they qualify today's fun food holiday or not.

Dark Homemade Crispy Rice Treat Ingredients
     4 cups crispy rice
     1.75 Marou bars (any variety)
     4 T butter (I used "I can't believe it's not butter!)

Pour the crispy rice into a 11 X 13 pan (I used a glass pan).

Melt the "butter" over low heat then add in broken up chocolate bars.  Stir continually until completely blended.  Mix into crispy rice and spread along bottom of 11 X 13 pan. Refrigerate for 30 minutes then cut into pieces (I did 24 pieces) then serve.

Milk Homemade Crispy Rice Treat Ingredients
     4 cups crispy rice
     1 bag Wilton light cocoa candy melt

Pour the crispy rice into a 11 X 13 pan (I used a glass pan).

Melt the Wilton per instructed then mix into crispy rice and spread along bottom of 11 X 13 pan. Refrigerate for 30 minutes then cut into pieces (I did 24 pieces) then serve.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Talenti Recall on Sorbetto and Gelato

Talenti® Gelato & Sorbetto Issues an Allergy Alert for Undeclared
Allergen (Almonds) in Talenti German Chocolate Cake Gelato Pints

Contact Consumer:
(612) 455-8104

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - MINNEAPOLIS, September 09, 2013 - Talenti® Gelato & Sorbetto is voluntarily initiating a product recall of Talenti German Chocolate Cake Gelato pints with the UPC # 1 8685200063 1 with a BEST BY DATE of 11/04/2014 M1, 11/24/2014 M1, and 11/24/2014 M2 as a precautionary measure. The recall was initiated after it was discovered by the firm that the product may contain undeclared almonds.

This recall affects pints of product with the BEST BY DATE of 11/04/2014 M1, 11/24/2014 M1, and 11/24/2014 M2 on the bottom of the container.

For consumers who are not allergic to almonds, there is no safety issue with the product. The company has received no reports of illnesses associated with this product. People who are allergic to almonds could have a serious or life-threatening reaction if they consume this product.

No other Talenti Gelato branded products are affected by this voluntary recall.

Consumers in possession of the recalled product that have an allergy to almonds should not consume it and should discard it. Consumers with questions may contact the company at (612) 455-8104, Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm, EDT.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Edible Chocolate Tuxedo Cups

Our final feature review of Kane Candy ends with a look at their White and Dark Chocolate Tuxedo Cups.  Sisters and Brothers, your Chocolate Priestess had no doubt before she used them that they would be excellent given the fine chocolate cups our previous four features showed us. But we have to test, we have to try, before we reveal products to all of you.  We have a procedure and expectations that every single sample must be measured against.

Back in July, before two friends of ours got married, I used these 0.3 ounce cups to hold a blended ice cream and crisp rice treat I made.  One pint of ice cream blended with four remaining treats was more than enough to fill these six cups; about half the mixture remained so a pint of ice would generously fill these cups with a bit left over I'm sure.  You could use any type I just happened to use a chocolate chip cookie dough.

I used our blender to mix together the ice cream and treats.  I'm not a big fan of blenders, I think they don't do a particularly good job but with some patience and a lot of stopping, scraping the sides, and starting again, this managed to mix it fairly well together and got the ice cream melty enough to easily spoon into the cups. The chocolate and white chocolate curls were leftovers from other Kane cups we've featured on earlier Saturdays.

The cups themselves are 47.3% cocoa so a bit on the darker side without being dark chocolate really.  They held a good half serving of ice cream so you can put quite a bit into them.  Of course since I chose ice cream to fill them they had to be eaten quickly.  Some just bit into them others (like me) used a little spoon to get the ice cream first then ate the cup that tasted as good as the previous varieties from Kane Candy.  Thus these Tuxedo Cups are Sacrament Worthy!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Agostoni Conventional Couvertures

Organic Top Row, Conventional Bottom Row
At the same time that Global Organics Ltd. sent us the Organic versions of Agostoni Couvertures they sent along four samples of the conventional products with ingredients raised using the standard farming methods.  I paired these with the organic versions and had the assistance of three others in testing them. Today I will reveal to you all how the conventional fared against the organic varieties of each type of chocolate couverture.

Conventional White or Edelweiss came in smaller discs than the organic variety; about 1/3rd the size as you can see in the photo. It had no scent and was far less sweet, not as buttery, with no vanilla hint. You might thing all this "less" made us dislike it but the group liked this one better than the Organic version because it didn't overwhelm us, it was only what we expect from white chocolate -- the basic creaminess waiting for other flavors to be added.

Agostoni Conventional Couvertures
Conventional Milk Prestige or Chiara has 33% cocoa mass and 36.5% cocoa butter -- all of the conventional versions had a higher cocoa mass than the organics perhaps because the non-organic beans have a little less flavor?  The scent was more vanilla than cocoa and individual pieces barely had any smell to them except in the bag. This also had less chocolate flavor and was slightly sweeter than the organic variety but it melted slower as well.

Conventional Regina had 61% cocoa mass, just 1% more than the organic version did.  In the bag it has a strong scent but individual pieces only gave off a fragrance if we really worked at finding one.  These did not melt quite as fast. They had a very simple flavor -- light sweetness with something generically spicy -- not strong chocolate flavor really though it was also not bitter if that is a worry you have with dark chocolate.

Conventional Vanini sharper, bitter scent was because it is 72% cocoa mass. These made a snap when you took a bite and melting a bit faster than the previous conventional couvertures we tried that day.  The flavor built up as it melted or was chewed in the mouth to a slightly bitter fruit taste at the end but a very steady dark chocolate minus normal bitterness throughout.

Global Organics Ltd offers these conventional couvertures along side their organic cousins and frankly we think they should stick with the organics.  While these conventional varieties were fairly bland making then ideal perhaps for many candy makers, only one, the white chocolate, tasted and felt better to our testers.  Of course if you want a very one-note base chocolate couverture that you can play with for your own creations these are a good foundation to build from. Otherwise go organic for your customers, your chocolates, and better farming practices and farmers' lives.

Monday, September 2, 2013

5th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge

The Chocolate Cult is pleased to announce our 5th Annual Halloween Treats Challenge for chocolatiers, confectioners, bakers, and purveyors of chocolate related treats for the spooky holiday.

The rules are simple.

Contact the Chocolate Priestess via thetammyjo(, removing the parenthesis, and arrange to send a sample of your Halloween treats for this Challenge on The Chocolate Cult.

We will devote one day in October exclusively to your product — the earlier the better so that the 3000+ unique visitors we get each month will have more time to order from you.  The sample does not need to be large, but there should be enough of each treat for the Chocolate Priestess and/or her volunteer assistants (called Acolytes) to write a five-senses review of the product and take a photograph that will accompany the feature.

On Halloween, October 31, 2013, I will name up to six winners of the challenge, one for each category plus the Best over all.  The categories will be 1) Best Mass Produced Halloween Treat, 2) Best Gourmet Halloween Treat, 3) Best Baked Halloween Treat (for businesses that create their own unique products), 4) Best Independent Halloween Novelty, 5) Best Halloween Treat Source (or those places that sell the products but do not create the treats themselves), and 6) Best Halloween Treat.

In addition to be the featured product for the day your treats are featured, the winner of over all category will be offered the opportunity to place a FREE ad on the blog’s sidebar for 30 days.  That ad must fit on the sidebar or at the bottom of the front page, and you would need to provide the HTML code for it.  This means that you’ll get extra notice for any month of your choosing for the next year.

Some of the four previous years Challengers have included Olive Kita Chocolates, TCHO, Equal Exchange, LINDT, Obrigadeiro, Praim, Sjaak’s, Captivating Confections, Sweet Mona’s, Taraluna, Sweet Poppins, The Cookie Sandwich Company, Grek’s, The Protein Bakery, Praim, Cocoa Dolce, Creative Chocolates, Xocai, and TerraSource Chocolates,

Please contact her at thetammyjo(, removing the parenthesis, if your company is interested in this opportunity.   Note that featured review dates are limited so contact us soon but also know that we schedule on a first-samples-to-arrive = first-reviews-scheduled and featured basis.  The first four Challengers receive the Saturday Sacrament dates; other Challengers will be done as Special Sacramental Reviews at mid-week.

We also do year round reviews so if you don’t have Halloween Treats you can still become featured review on our popular blog that has worked with 166 different brands since 2009.  We have readers in 168 different countries and average 10,000 pageloads every month.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

3 Recalls to Start September 2013

Sadly I have three recalls related to chocolate to share with you this first day of September, Sisters and Brothers.  I knew about one earlier this week but I wanted the official information and I try to keep a schedule here so you know when to check out our site for the information you want.

Contact Consumer: 800-252-0634

Media: Dan Hare, 402-240-5274,
Patty Harvey, 800-281-7696

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 25, 2013 - Today, ConAgra Foods, in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is recalling a limited number of Kroger’s Break ‘N Bake chocolate chip cookie dough packages due to peanut butter cup cookie dough inadvertently mispacked into chocolate chip cookie dough packages.

People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to peanuts run the risk of serious or life- threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product. There have been no illnesses reported to date in connection with this product.

This recall is limited to Kroger’s Break ‘N Bake Chocolate Chip cookie dough bearing the following UPC and Use by date. No other products are impacted.

Item: Kroger Break ‘N Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 16 oz. packages

Unit UPC: 11110 87530
Use by: 24NOV13C21

The recalled items were sold in Kroger, Dillons, Baker’s, Gerbes, Foods Co., Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Jay C, Owen’s, Pay Less, Scott’s, QFC, Ralphs and Smith’s stores.

The product was shipped to Kroger distribution centers and stores in 26 states, including: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Not affected by this recall are Kroger’s Southwest Division stores in Texas and Louisiana; Kroger’s Delta Division stores in western Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, western Kentucky and southern Missouri; and King Soopers and City Market stores in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

Consumers who have purchased this product should return it to the store where originally purchased for a full refund. Consumer with questions about this issue may call 800-252-0634, 24 hours per day/seven days per week.

ConAgra Foods is also issuing an alert through Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) in an effort to inform any potentially impacted consumers. The label does indicate that the product may contain peanuts.

Contact Consumer: 866-922-3683

Media: Sarah Andrus, 973-601-6349

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 24, 2013 - MOUNT ARLINGTON, NJ –DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES (DCD) is voluntarily recalling its Dark Chocolate-Covered Fruit Collection boxes marked Item #3265D, lot code #317DAIDS01 because some boxes may contain undeclared nuts. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to nuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product. No illnesses or reactions have been reported to date.

Over the past two weeks, the company has made an effort to contact all recipients of the affected boxes. However, a number of those recipients could not be reached, and up to four mislabelled boxes remain outside company control.

The product, which is unique to DCD's home party business and not available in stores, was distributed through home party sales in the United States.Highlighted text The interior packaging is labelled properly indicating a product that includes nuts. The recall was initiated when the company received a call from independent Chocolatier (sales representative) indicating that a customer order for Dark Chocolate-Covered Fruit Collection contained Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Dusted Almonds.

The company requests that consumers who have a box of Dark Chocolate-Covered Fruit Collection Item #3265D, lot code #317DAIDS01 please contact (866) 922-3683 (M-F, 8:30 – 5:00 ET) to coordinate product return and replacement.

Contact Consumer: 855-273-0466

Media: Jeff Vogel, 612-331-7000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 27, 2013 - American Importing Co, Inc. (d/b/a Amport Foods) of Minneapolis, MN is voluntarily recalling one lot of Amport Milk Chocolate Raisins because they may contain undeclared peanuts. People who have an allergy or sensitivity to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.

No adverse reactions or illnesses have been reported to date.

This recall is based on a discovery that a container of Milk Chocolate Peanuts was erroneously labeled as Milk Chocolate Raisins.

This product was distributed to Albertsons, Farm Fresh/Supervalu, Hy-Vee and The Kroger Co. stores in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and West.

The affected product is as follows:
12oz Clear Tub (UPC: 0 71725 71190 8)
Lot Code: 078X344
Best Buy: 12-19-13

Lot number can be found printed on the bottom of the tub in black ink. A picture is enclosed to aid in product identification attached to this press release.


IMPORTANT: This recall relates only to a single lot of Amport Milk Chocolate Raisins. No other Amport products are affected.

Consumers who purchased affected product are urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 855-273-0466. Please mention "Milk Chocolate Raisin Recall".

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