Saturday, July 1, 2017

PROBAR® Chocolate Nut Butter Blends

PROBAR Organic Nut Butter Blends
Next Saturday we'll celebrate a Fun Food Holiday (Milk Chocolate with Almonds) but we had a related product from PROBAR® to reveal to you so I thought we'd look at a line of nut butters, including an almond nut butter, over the pre-Fourth of July weekend. PROBAR® promotes their Nut Butter as "The Spreadable Bar" and " Simply Real®" on their website so ingredients will be of interest today and highlighted in our reviews as well how we spread on various foods to test it out. One of the two varieties were were sent used coffee so I had help with today's article from our Mocha Acolyte, Elizabeth. We were sent free samples of two PROBAR Nut Butters in exchange for an object and honest article; no other form of compensation was received.

PROBAR Koka Moka
The Koka Moka with Caffeine is one of four nut butters with Yerba Mate Caffeine; all of these are almond butters, too. This made me curious about whether or not Elizabeth would get a buzz from the spread, too. Let's read what she experienced. The package says knead and squeeze prior to opening - they mean it!! I didn't do it enough, so it came out oily and I had to mix it with the knife to get everything mixed nicely. Smelled more like almonds than chocolate or coffee. It has a gritty texture to it when you first try it. It tasted like other almond butters I have had, with hints of chocolate and coffee. Stronger chocolate than coffee. It is nice on it's own, but I like apples and peanut butter. So, I tried it that way also. It was really good. Seems like this was a winner for Elizabeth but no caffeine buzz reported. In terms of ingredients, it is made with  12 ingredients in total, all of them recognizational food and flavors, and labeled Organic.

PROBAR Chocolate Peanut Butter
I have the Chocolate Peanut Butter and it has 8 ingredients on the label, again all recognizational food and flavors, and labeled Organic, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO. Following Elizabeth's advice, I knead this really well, working the stiffest section into the rest before opening it. I could still a bit of the graininess. By itself, this is very sweet, shockingly sweet in fact. I can taste peanut butter and chocolate but this is more sweet than I expect for 4 grams of sugars in one pouch. I go back to the pouch and see why this is so sweet -- dates! I thought about trying this on apples but given the sweetness that will just be too much for me so I turn to "English Muffins" which are an American product that will be weird to our readers in the UK. It spreads well over two halves of the bread. Oddly I'm not getting much of a scent from this butter blend but the taste is powerful. On the bread the peanut and chocolate come out more strongly but it is still super sweet. I wouldn't recommend putting the entire pouch of blend on just one other food item unless you really like sweet things. Me? Remember that in general the darker the chocolate the better I'll like it. I can burn out on sweet.

Nutritionally these are on par with traditional peanut butter and depending on the brand you get it may be better. Nutritionally this is better than most of the chocolate and nut butter blends I've tried in the past but these are just so darned sweet! When I poked around the PROBAR® website I discovered there are 10 varieties of Nut Butters and they are sold in packs of 10! You might recall that the other products we've looked at from PROBAR® are sold in 12 packages. I've seen other brands sell similar products in individual serving sizes like these as singles or packs so if you've found that to be the case in the wide selection of brick and mortar stores where you can find PROBAR products, please leave a comment and let us know where and what varieties. Remember we are always interested in your experiences of the products we're talking about and we love your comments so please leave some.

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